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Elijah: Broken like Us

Elijah: God's Care

A Busy and Hurried Soul

What I learned from Calvin and Hobbes

Closer to Eternity

A Story about Fishing

Lion of Narnia

A Burning Bush

The Spirituality of Sleep

Beware the Dark Side

Busy, Busy, Busy

Celebrating the Presence of God

Doubts and Knowing God's Will

From Struggle to Hope

Que Sera Sera

Omission and Commission

Love is LOVE

What's your temperature?

Why I Begin Blogging

Keep in Step

Post Humans in Science Fiction

Following Jesus in your Workplace (David Chong)

Shout to the World

Sorry, We're Closed

The Last Seven Sentences of Jesus of Nazareth

On Books and Learning

Help! The Da Vinci Code movie is coming!

Condemnation and Forgiveness

For Auld Lang Syne, My Friend

Why I am a Christian

How Expensive is Your Church?

The House with Golden Windows

Living the Caffeine Driven Life

Echoes of a Conversation...into His rest

The Ultimate Superheroes

To Be Who We Are Created To Be

The Renovation of Our Souls

Dancing and Being Religious

Reflections on 40 years of Star Trek

A Meditation on Rembrandt's Jeremiah

What I Learnt in 2006

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Just Do It

Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)


"I can't do it, Sam"

 Listen to the Silence of the Noise

 Come Apart Before You Come Apart

 I'm Only An Innocent Bystander

 How Heavy is Your Burden?

 The Centre

 The Habit of Familiarity

"I thirst"

When Your Ass Speaks, Shut Up and Listen

A Religious KISS

Beowulf Retold

Ah Lek inherits Heaven and Earth

What I Learnt in 2007

Abba Ah Beng's Durian Theology

Worship Gestures

A Letter to My Nephew

Why the Incredible Hulk should be Red not Green

Looking at People with X-ray Eyes

Some Cats are Forever

You Become What You Do

Throw-away or Disposable People?

Random Acts of Kindness

A Time to be Doing, A Time to be Still

Deepening Christian Spirituality (Three Russian monks on an Island)

Discernment and Decision Making

The Blessings of Spiritual Friends

What I Learned in 2009

Don't Forget How to Dance

Sitting on Seats of Mockers

Standing on Crossroads

Too Many Excuses, Too Little Following

John Stott, My Inspiration

Will you be my Valentine?

Rest in God's Heart

Spiritual Mentors and Fathers

My Pilgrimage to Baidumagdis

With Great Revelation Comes Great Responsibility

Rejection in Nazareth

Postcard from Ancient Turkey

Supper at Emmaus












































































































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