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 Spiritual Formation Articles

       Spiritual Formation                     



 The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Christian Spiritual Formation

 The Nature of Spiritual Formation

 Spiritual Formation Community as the Matrix of Christian Spiritual Formation

 Spiritual Formation in a Nutshell

 Spiritual Formation Inventory

 Stories We Listen To

 Resisting the corruption of our souls

 Reconciling our Fragmented Selves

 Double knowledge

 Eighty Corollaries You Should Know About Christian Spiritual Formation

 Understanding Spiritual Formation

  Defining Spiritual Formation

  Knowing God

  Knowing Ourselves Part I (Personality Profile)

  Knowing Ourselves Part 2 (Spiritual Pathways)

  Experiencing the Presence of God

  Spiritual Formation: Education of the Heart

  Maintaining an Authentic Spirituality

  Christian Spirituality in the Marketplace

  Spiritual Formation in Individuals

  Spiritual Formation for SHALOM

  Working Paper for Spiritual Formation Institute

  Shinohara, Akira. (2002) .Spiritual Formation and Mentoring: An Approach from the Christian Tradition of Spiritual Direction. Christian Education Journal. 6NS: 105-118

  Sacred Companions on the Way: Mentoring in Spiritual Formation

  Robert E. Webber, 2004 Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality through the Christian Year (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books)

  Doug Pagitt and the Solomonís Porch Community, 2003, Reimagining Spiritual Formation: A Week in the Life of An Experimental Church (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan)

 Spiritual Formation in a Postmodern Context

 A Literature Review of Spiritual Formation (1)

 A Trinitarian Basis for Spiritual Formation

 Spiritual Formation and the Kingdom of God

 Jesus' Way of Spiritual Formation

 Paul's Teaching on Spiritual Formation

 A Historical Perspective on Spiritual Formation during the Ancient Greco-Roman Period

 Jewish Traditions on Spiritual Formation during the New Testament Period and after.

Spiritual Formation Practices in the Early Church to the Reformed Tradition Period

Modern Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

Billy Graham's Spiritual Secret

The Transforming Moment

Spiritual Formation by Story Telling

Comparing Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

Community Spiritual Formation

Role of Education and Discipleship in Spiritual Formation

Towards a Theological Perspective on Spiritual Formation

A Literature Review of Spiritual Formation (2)

Brian McLaren on Different Views of Spiritual Formation

The Community in Christian Spiritual Formation

Reframing Spiritual Formation and Transformation


Sondra Higgins Matthaei (2008), Formation in Faith: The Congregational Ministry of making Disciples, Nashville: Abingdon Press.




Reflections on A Call to Spiritual Formation

Living in the Fullness of Christ

Spiritual Formation for SHALOM (Spiritual Formation for Leaders)

Review of Bruce Demarest (2009), Seasons of the Soul: Stages of Spiritual Development, Downers Grove IL: IVP Books

Reframing Christian Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

The Role of Worship in Spiritual Formation

Book Notes on Alan Andrews (ed.), (March 2010), The Kingdom Life: A Practical Theology of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

A Critique of the Schooling-Instructional Paradigm as the Formative Tool in the Spiritual Formation of Christian Faith Communities in Malaysia

The Influence of Globalisation on the Christian Spiritual Formation in Churches in Malaysia and Singapore

The human response in spiritual formation

Christian Education and Spiritual Formation: Are We Talking about the Same Thing?

Batman, Inc and Spiritual Multiplication

Growing deeper spiritually in Christ

The Catalysts of Spiritual Growth (Boo Hui Ling, 2013)

Spiritual Formation- Restoring the Imago Dei (Wong Yoke Ming 2013)

Spiritual Transformation in the Workplace and its Greater Community through spiritual formation (Tam Wah Fiong 2013)

The Spiritual Disciplines

Contemplative prayer and spiritual formation is not New Age

Why is spiritual formation necessary for a new believer? (Audrey Tay)

Spiritual Formation in the context of an Asian family (Stephen Ng)

Study on the Renewal Lutheran Churchís Approach to Christian Spiritual Formation (Sheila)









My notebook on spiritual formation for other resources

























































































































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