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Biomedical Ethics and Christian Ethics



       Medical Utopias: Ethical Reflections about Emerging Medical Technologies

      When Does Human Life Begins? 

      Biomedical Ethical Decision Making    

               Book review on Biomedical Ethics for the Church by Dr Roland Chia (Armour, 2010)

                   Ethical Issues raise in Captain America and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

                   Why Batman does not kill (not even the Joker)



    "Please Let Me Live"



   "Please Let Me Die"

    Euthanasia: A Christian Doctor's Perspective

   The Changing State of the Euthanasia Debate

   The Concept of Suicide, Death and Euthanasia  

    The Scriptures and Euthanasia  

   The Slippery Road to Euthanasia  

    Why Choose Death?  

    An Alternative to Euthanasia

    Review and Personal Reflection  

    Criteria for Euthanasia in the Netherlands

    A Living Will (samples)

   Overview of Hospice Movement in Malaysia

    Euthanasia for Christians: Why, How and Because

   Advance Medical Directive


                  Organ Transplant

                Savior Siblings (Guia Karla Gonzales 2014)

                You can't take it with you

                Human organs for sale       


            Gene and the Human Genome

  Crichton, Michael 2006, NEXT (New York: HarperCollins Publishers)

   Chips. Clones and Living Beyond 100




  Cloning Human Beings


            Stem Cells Research

  Stem Cell Research  

  Researchers claim 'ethical' breakthrough 

   Growing a new heart             

           Reproductive Technologies

  Christian Perspective on Reproductive Technologies                     


                  Human Eugenics

 Human Eugenics and the Upgrading of the Human Blueprint






    my notebook on biomedical ethics issues (notes and links)









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