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Study Notes



New Orleans Pastor Sees God's Protection, Provision During Hurricane Katrina - Kathy Dean (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Archaeology and the Reliability of the Old Testament - John H. Sailhamer (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
The Conquest and Ancient Near Eastern Warfare: The Element of Fear - Jeffrey J. Niehaus (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Archaeology and the Exodus: A Partial Look - Douglas K. Stuart (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
What Good Is Biblical Archaeology to Bible Readers? - Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.  (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Archaeology and the Reliability of the New Testament - Sean M. McDonough (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Justification by Works of the Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls? - Roy E. Ciampa (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
How Archaeology Helps Bible Interpretation - Aida Besançon Spencer (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Archaeology and the Letters to the Seven Chuches of Asia - Colin R. Nicholl (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
The Top 15 Finds from Biblical Archaeology - Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)



Bible Study

Lim, Johnson. 'How Then Shall We Read?' CS 5.3 (2002): 85-92.
Wong, Gordon. 'Not Missing the Wood for the Trees - Pastoral Exposition in the Light of Modern Old Testament Hermeneutical Trends.' CS 5.3 (2002): 93-112.

Chia, Roland. 'Renewing the Centre: The Bible in the (Post) Modern Church.' CS 7.3 (2004): 89-104.


Biblical Studies: Old Testament

Introduction to Nehemiah David Malick


Outline of Nehemiah David Malick


Nehemiah   Bob Dunston


Outline of Nehemiah    Bob Dunston


The Chronology of Ezra and Nehemiah   Bob Dunston

Notes on Nehemiah - Thomas L. Constable explains how the book of Nehemiah provides a great illustration of how prayer and hard work can accomplish seemingly impossible things when a person determines to try to trust and obey God.


The Political Tensions Reflected in Ezra-Nehemiah Carl Schultz assists in the understanding of the background to the return of the exiles.


The Nehemiah Memoir – the perils of autobiography  David JA Clines  points out that the Memoir of Nehemiah may be argued to be the most important historiographical source we have in the Old Testament. and probably accept that there is no other historiographical document in the Old Testament that stands so close as the Nehemiah Memoir does to the events it depicts. A text written within a decade of the events described.


Nehemiah 10 as an Example of Early Jewish Biblical Exegesis  David JA Clines  explains how Nehemiah 10 is a small treasure house of postexilic interpretations of earlier Israelite law and feels that  it has not previously been looked at closely from the perspective of its interpretations of older texts. It  is an entity independent of the texts it is commenting on, and does not need to be first peeled off as a younger layer from an apparently unitary text.

Narrative Texts: Chronicles, Ezra & Nehemiah   Ralph W. Klein

From the Totally Unofficial Brueggemann website

From Word and World (Luther Seminary):
The City in Biblical Perspective: Failed and Possible (1999)
Ecumenism as the Shared Practice of a Peculiar Identity (1998)
Haunting Book-Haunted People (1991)
Psalm 109: Three Times 'Steadfast Love (1985)
Remembering Rachel's Children: An Urban Agenda for People Who Notice (1994)
Will Our Faith Have Children? (1983)
The Childs Proposal: A Symposium (1981)
Evangelism and Discipleship: The God Who Calls, the God Who Sends (2004) (not available)
From Theology Today (Princeton Theological Seminary):
Loss and Recovery of Creation in Old Testament Theology (1996)
Preaching as Reimagination (1995)
Rethinking Church Models Through Scripture (1991)
The Preacher, The Text, and The People (1990)
Passion & Perspective: Two Dimensions of Education in the Bible (1985)
From The Words:
On Joseph and His Brother   
On Moses (1996)
On the Night of Pharaoh's Surrender (1996)
On Yahweh's Contradiction (1996)
On Jacob's Wrestling Episode (1996)
On the Primary Tension of Old Testament Faith (1992)
Other Articles (mostly from Christian Century):
Counterscript: Living with the Elusive God (2005)
A Disaster of 'Biblical' Proportions? (2005) (unavailable)
Holy Intrusion: The Power of Dreams in the Bible (2005)
19 Theses (2004)
On Scroll-Making in Ancient Jerusalem (2003)
A Text That Redescribes (2002)
Entitled Neighbors: A Biblical Perspective on Living Wage (2002)
Voice Beyond Our Own (2002)
Off by Nine Miles (2001)
Biblical Authority - Modern-day Interpretations of the Bible and Its Authority: A Critical Essay (2001)
A Journey: Attending to the Abyss (PDF) (2000)
The Liturgy of Abundance, the Myth of Scarcity - Consumerism and Religious Life (1999)
The Hope of Heaven … On Earth (1999)
Truth-Telling and Peacemaking: A Reflection on Ezekiel (1998)
Conversations Among Exiles (1997)
Covenant as a Subversive Paradigm (1980)

The Embarrassing Footnote (1987, inaugural lecture at Columbia) [Note: at present this link is broken. Trying to find alternate link. If anyone have an alternative link please contact me at Thanks]

A look at Walter Brueggemann On Biblical Authority
Walter Brueggemann's Theological Perspective on Violence
Alternative Visions of the End
Dayenu and the Blood on the Books (blog story)
No Ideas Just Texts (blog note)
Creative Imagination In The Old Testament


Biblical Studies: New Testament




    George MacDonald: Life and Religion are One

      John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation

       Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules

       The Amazingly Graced Life of John Newton

       Tolkien: Man Behind the Myth

       Jonathan Edwards: A Mind on Fire

       G.K. Chesteron: The Road to Rome

       Thomas Aquinas: The Dazzling 'Dumb Ox'

       Dante: Divine Imagination

       The Wesleys: A Tale of Two Brothers

       Jan Hus: To Build a Fire

       Augustine: The Dark Heart Filled With Light

       Augustine's Thinking Faith (Anthony Meredich, Thinking Faith)

       David Livingstone

       William Wilberforce: The Shrimp Who Stopped Slavery

       Hudson Taylor: Pushing Inwards



    The Death of Blogs (Ted Olsen, Christianity Today 25 September 2007)



Rice, Monte. 'Emergence of Buddhist Revivalism as the Primary Challenge to Church Growth in Singapore.' CS 6.1 (2003): 12-39.

Lau, Hua Teck. 'The Cross and the Lotus.' CS 6.2 (2003): 85-99.


Christian Education

    The Theory into Practice Database (50 learning theories)

    Pedagogics (Joseph Jacobs & Louis Grossman,

Tan, Tai Wei. 'Public Education and the Church in Singapore.' CS 4.1 (2001): 1-10.

Alan Cole, "On Teaching Tanakh in an Asian Theological College," TTJ 5 (1996): 23-34.


Koh, Peter. 'The Cell Group Church Structure: An Evaluation.' CS 6.1 (2003): 40-53.


Christian Festivals






Dark Night of the Soul

Dr. Luther's tribulation. (Christianity Today editorial, October 2007)



Can You Hear God? Ruth Harley Barton (Leadership Journal, Summer 2008)

 What is it that distinguishes spiritual leadership from other kinds of leadership? At the heart of spiritual leadership is discernment—the capacity to recognize and respond to the presence and activity of God both personally and in community.

The Israelite journey is really a story of ongoing discernment—learning to recognize the presence of God and then following that Presence wherever it went. For Moses as their leader, this involved entering into God's presence regularly, asking God what he should do, and then leading the people in that way. Moses' ability to trust God and listen and respond obediently to his instructions was so crucial to the Israelites' survival that the one time he failed to follow God's instruction fully, there were grave consequences (Num. 20:10-13).

Unlike Moses, we don't get to talk with God face to face. We must listen deeply. It is no wonder that when Moses recapped the Israelite journey, he emphasized how important discernment had been to the whole operation. He reminded the people of the time God told them to choose leaders to serve as judges under Moses and that the heart of their spiritual leadership was the ability to be wise and discerning (Deut. 1:13). Later he spoke about wisdom and discernment as defining characteristics that distinguished them from other nations. read more .



Chia, Roland. 'Editorial: The Christian and the Media.' Church & Society 4.2 (2001): 53-55.
Koh, Kah Soon Daniel. 'Media and Society: A Christian Perspective in the Context of Singapore.' CS 4.2 (2001): 57-66.
Harkness, Allan. 'The Media: Help or Hindrance for Christian Faith Formation?' CS 4.2 (2001): 67-80.
Tan, Kim Huat. 'Media and Censorship.' CS 4.2 (2001): 81-88.



The Great Divorce : Catholics and Orthodox (Mark Galli, Christianity Today, April, 1997)

Muraoka, Takamitsu. Facing the History of the Nation: The Journey of a Japanese Christian Scholar.' CS 8.3 (2005) 109-121.
 CSCA Occasional Paper.

Choong Chee Pang, "The relevance of Romans 1 and Acts 17 in the Hindu-Christian Debate in the Nineteenth Century Bengal Renaissance," TTJ 3 (1994): 5-44.

Scott Sunquist, "Sources for a Theology of Evangelism in Asia: A Survey of recent Representative Literature," TTJ 3 (1994): 45-67.

David Wu, "Faith and Contextualization in Sixteenth Century China – The Jesuit Model," TTJ 2 (1990): 28-41.


Holy Spirit

Chan, Simon. 'Discerning the Spirit in the Church Today.' CS 7.3 (2004): 105-113.



Wild, Roger. 'Observations on Islam by an Anglican clergyman.' CS 7.2 (2004): 75-88.



Chia, Roland. 'Editorial: Christian Leadership.' CS 5.1 (2002): 1-2.
Chan, L Y Mark. 'The Leader in Leadership: Issues of Spirituality, Authority and Stewardship.' CS 5.1 (2002): 3-22.
Ng, John. 'Balancing Personal, Family and Ministry Life.' CS 5.1 (2002): 23-41.
Harvey, Thomas. 'The Biblical and Evangelical Justification for Women Serving as Ministers and Pastors in the Church.' CS 5.1 (2002): 43-51.

Carpenter, B John. 'The Competence of God’s Communication: Biblical Instruction on Women in Church Leadership.' A Fraternal Rejoinder to Rev William Wan. CS 4.1 (2001): 11-21.



Chia, Roland. 'Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: An Exegetical and Theological Enquiry.' CS 5.3 (2002): 113-140.



Wild, Roger. 'Mission in Contemporary Society.' CS 7.1 (2004): 31-39.

J. Andrew Kirk and others. Forms of Mission Engagement, edited by Kimhong Hazra with a Foreword  (Singapore; CSCA; Trinity Theological College, 2006).




Pastoral Ministry

Wiarda, Timothy. 'Psychology and Pastoral Ministry.' CS 7.3 (2004): 114-128.




 Incarnate Preaching (Gordon MacDonald)

How Can We Preach on Sin? - Kenneth L. Swetland (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)

Lim, Teng Kok Johnson. 'What’s Wrong with Contemporary Preaching?' CS 4.3 (2001): 115-126.



Soh, Guan Chin. 'Biblical Perspectives on Prophecy.' CS 6.3 (2003): 101-113.
Chan, Simon. 'Prophecy and Discernment.' CS 6.3 (2003): 114-126.
Wong, Gilbert. 'Inherent Dangers of Prophetic Ministry.' CS 6.3 (2003): 127-146.



A History of Western Philosophy (Vol 1 & 2) Ralph McInery 1963, University of Notre Dame (full text online)

Readings for Philosophers and Catholics (Jacques Maritain Center)





 E.P.I.C. Preaching ( Leonard Sweet)

 True Disciples (Leonard Sweet)



    The Joy of Text: Sex in the Bible (Sam Torode. Books & Culture, Sept/Oct 2007)

The Covenant of Marriage - Gordon Hugenberger (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Questions and Answers on Issues Related to Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage - Gordon Hugenberger (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
God’s Plan and the Mystery of Marriage in the New Testament - Roy E. Ciampa (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Is Marriage an “Evolving Paradigm?” - Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
New Testament and Homosexuality: 4 Myths - Sean McDonough (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)
Reflections on Same-Sex “Marriage” - John Jefferson Davis (CONTACT Winter 2005/2006)

Chia, Roland. 'Questions and Answers on Homosexuality.' CS 7.1 (2004): 1-20.
Harvey, Thomas. 'Equity and Purity: Homosexuality and the Church.' CS 7.1 (2004): 21-30.



Roland Chia, "All that is Solid melts in Air: Some reflections on Postmodernism, the Church and theology," TTJ 6 (1998): 5-14.

John Chew, "When the Markers are Moved," TTJ 7 (1998): 35-51.

Robert Hunt, "Individual, Community, State, and Perceptions of Human Rights, and Religious Freedom," TTJ 4 (1995): 15-30.

Robert Solomon, "The Cult, The Crowd, and the Community: Tensions in the Unity and Diversity in Asian Contexts," TTJ 9 (2000): 79-96.



The Rising Interest in Spirituality Today (David Tacey)


Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation Corollaries



 Lost in Translation: Versions of the Fall (James K.A. Smith, Books & Culture, Nov/Dec 2007)

Ongoing Incarnation (Philip Yancey, Christianity Today, January 2008)

 Mustard Seed and Leaven: Reflections on Asian Theology (Nate Jones, Book & Culture Feb 2008)

 Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 10, Number 50, December 7 to December 13 2008

Amillennialism By Anthony Hoeksema

Wong, Cheong Sau Norman. 'Karl Rahner’s Concept of the ‘Anonymous Christian’ An Inclusive View of Relgions.' CS 4.1 (2001): 23-39.

Simon Chan, "The Problem of transcendence and Immanence in Asian Contextual Theology," TTJ 8 (1999): 5-18.

Simon Chan, "Problem and Possibility of an Asian Theological Hermeneutic," TTJ 9 (2000): 47-59.


Theologians and their writings

Stanley Hauerwas (unofficial site)


John Piper


Tim Keller

Leslie Newbigin



Church & Society 2002 Volume Five, Number Two

Chia, Roland. 'Editorial: Just Peace: War and the Christian.' CS 5.2 (2002): 53-55.
Wong, Gordon. 'Pacifism Or Peace? War, Peace and Justice in the Old Testament.' CS 5.2 (2002): 57-66.
Dippennar, Chris. 'War, Peace and Justice: A New Testament Perspective.' CS 5.2 (2002): 67-76.
Koh, Daniel. 'Just War Tradition: An Assessment.' CS 5.2 (2002): 77-84.



Chan, Simon. 'Worship and Theology.' CS 3.3 (2000): 59-65.
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Ponniah, Rennis. Response to 'Worship and Liturgy.' CS 3.3 (2000): 73-74.
Solomon, Robert. 'Worship and the Pastor.' CS 3.3 (2000): 75-80.
Poon, Peter. Response to 'Worship and the Pastor.' CS 3.3 (2000): 81-83.


CS- Church & Society in Asia Today. Published by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

TTJ - Trinity Theological Journal, Trinity Theological College, Singapore






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