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Child Health and Nutrition (CCS16)

Dr Alex Tang


This is offered as one of the modules for  Certificate in Child Studies, Malaysia Bible Theological Seminary, Penang, Malaysia.

Session One:           Childhood Health and Nutrition

Session Two:          Causes of Ill Health in Children

Session Three:        Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Malnourishment in Children

Session Four:         Basic Communal Health Care Skills in Ministering to Children for the Purpose of Community Development



Reading requirement:

(1)   Tang, Alex (2004), How to Raise a GENIUS child, Asian Beacon, April/May, Vol:36, No:2, 38-39

(2)   Sapien, Gladys M., Chard A. Marilyn, Howe, Jeanne et al, (1990), Promoting the Health of Children, Pediatric Nursing Care,  St. Louis, MI: C.V.Mosby Company, 65-91

(3)   Fisher, Thomas (n.d.) The Ten Commandments of Dysfunctional Families  accessed 14 June 2007

(4)   Gabaeff, Steven C. (2005) Child Abuse accessed 13 May 2006

(5)   Protein-calorie Malnutrition (summary) (2001), Handbook of Disease, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

(6)   World Health Organisation (2002), Improving Child Health in Community (selected pages). accessed 12 May 2003



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