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November Institute Bioethics 2008

Euthanasia 2009 (Graduate Christian Fellowship Singapore)

Bioethics 2009 (Singapore Bible College)

Euthanasia 2009 (Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church Singapore)

Euthanasia 2009 (Intervarsity Church, Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Biomedical Ethics and the Contemporary Church 2010 (East Asia School of Theology EAST, Singapore)

Brave New World (TCA College March 2012)

CCTE module for term IV (Sept 20-Oct 20, 2010): Christian Ethics (Singapore Bible College)

Biomedical Ethics for the Contemporary Malaysian Church 2010 (Kota Bharu Baptist Church and Universiti Sains Malaysia Christian Fellowship)

Biomedical Ethics 2014 (YMCA, Singapore)


Medical Utopias: Reflections on the Challenge of Emerging Technologies 2014



Biomedical Ethics and the Contemporary Church 2014 (East Asia School of Theology EAST, Singapore)


Christian Perspective in Bioethics; Part One (15 Jan 2015) and Part Two (21 Jan 2015) (National University of Singapore)

Biomedical Ethics Seminar (TCA College, Singapore 3 July 2015)

Challenges of Biomedical Ethics to the Contemporary Church 2015 (Seminary Theology Malaysia STM, Malaysia)

Biomedical Ethics and Sexuality 2016 (TCA College, Singapore)

Biomedical Ethical Challenges 2017 (TEE course, Seminary Theology Malaysia STM, Malaysia)









"treat, heal, and comfort always"

 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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