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a useful reminder from Barth

The First and Basic Act of Theological Work

The first and basic act of theological work is prayer...But theological work does not merely begin with prayer and is not merely accompanied by it; in its totality, it is peculiar and characteristic of theology that it can be performed only in the act of prayer [160] 




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Center for Barth Studies, Princeton Theological Seminary

            God is God: The Meaning of a Controversial Formula and the Fundamental Problem of Speaking About God (1986) by Eberhard Busch

            The Theology of Nationalism of Emanuel Hirsch (1986) by Jean-Loup Seban

            Perichoretic Possibilities in Barth's Doctrine of Male and Female (1986) by Alexander J. McKelway

            Karl Barth: Theologian With a Sense of Humor (1986) by Daniel L. Migliore

            Centenary Harvest: A Review of Recent Books on Karl Barth (1987) by Daniel L. Migliore

            Karl Barth and the Postmodern Paradigm (1988) by Hans Küng

            Josef Hromadka: Ecumenical Pilgrim (1999) by Jan Milic Lochman

            Suzanne Selinger, Charlotte von Kirschbaum and Karl Barth: A Study in Biography and the History of Theology,  A Review    Essay (2000) by Katherine Sonderegger

            The Future of the Complete Edition of Karl Barth's Works (Karl Barth-Gesamtausgabe) - Achievements, Tasks, Expectations (2001) by Hans-Anton Drewes

            Conversational Theology: The Wit and Wisdom of Karl Barth (2001) by George Hunsinger

            Karl Barth - Digital and Theological (2002) by Hans-Anton Drewes

            What Has Basel to Do with Berlin? Continuities in the Theologies of Barth and Schleiermacher (2002) by Bruce L. McCormack

            Reminiscences of Karl Barth (2002) by John D. Godsey

            Barth, Derrida and Différance: Is there a Difference? (2002) by David Guretzki

            The Significance of Karl Barth's Theology for Contemporary Issues In The 21st Century (2002) by Peter Schmid

            A Reformed Voice (2002) by Eberhard Busch

            The Barth Renaissance in America: An Opinion (2002) by Bruce L. McCormack

            What Does It Mean for the Christian Church To Confess and To Reject? (2003) by Eberhard Busch

            Reading Scripture Theologically With Barth – In South Africa? Anecdotes for After Dinner (2006)  by Dirkie Smit

            Barth's Relationshop with Japanese Thought: Katsumi Takizawa (2007) by Curtis Rigsby 

            An Unscientific Analysis of Perceptions of Karl Barth among Canadian Evangelical Theologians (2007) by David Guretzki



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