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  How to Raise a GENIUS child

  "Please Let Me Die" - Mercy Killing

  "Please Let Me Live" Abortion

  Confessions of an Internet Addict

  Internet Addiction

  Cloning Human Beings

  The Christian and Taiji Quan

  The Case for Lay Counseling in the Local Church

  Counseling in the Church: A Pastoral Perspective

  Challenges Facing the Innovative Pastor in the Post Modern Era

  Checklist for the New Millennium

  Checklist for the New Millennium Revisited

  Common Myths about Fasting

  The Christian and Depression

  Discerning the Voice of God

  Down and Out and Suicidal

  Is it an unforgivable sin to commit suicide?

  Euthanasia: A Christian Doctor's Perspective

  Help, My Child is Having a Fever!

  Knowledge and Wisdom : Finding a Balance in the Pastoral Care of  Rick Warren and Eugene Peterson

  Signs and Wonders and Healing

  Winds of Change

  Five Reasons Why I Begin Blogging

  How to Deal with Disappointment in your Life

  Notes on Understanding the Da Vinci Code (Download powerpoint)

  Letter to a President 

  Debunking Multiculturalism 

  Understanding the Darkness Within

  A Former Bishop Calls for Respect for Homosexuals in Singapore  

  Illness and the Human Psyche

  Is there a Christian Fatwa on Yoga?           









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 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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