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Spiritual Formation Inventory

Dr Alex Tang

Spiritual formation inventory is a spiritual assessment tool to obtain a snapshot of our spiritual life at a certain moment in our spiritual journey. This tool will help us to discover what areas in our spiritual practices are strong and what the weaknesses are. For effective spiritual formation or spiritual growth, a balanced spiritual life and practices is essential. Too much emphasis on one aspect of our spiritual practices at the expense of others may lead to an unhealthy spirituality.


The essential elements or components of spiritual formation may be summarized by the acronym SHALOM

Story-telling is the living our lives in communion with God

Heart is to abide in Christ or growing into Christlikeness

Action is in ministry to others or service

Learning is living in the Word or spiritual learning

Opening to community as in fellowship and community building

Missional is living as witness to the world


Shalom is a Hebrew word often translated as peace. However shalom means more than peace (as absence of strive) as it also denotes perfection- as in perfection of God’s original creation, Jesus as the perfector of our faith and himself, and as the perfection of man’s reconciliation with God.


 Assess your spiritual formation inventory. You should be able to do it directly on this webpage. Not record of your assessment will be retained. It will automatically be erased once you leave this page.



The spiritual formation webs shows the strengths and weaknesses of your elements in your spiritual formation. What are the spiritual practices you will adopt to strengthen your spiritual formation elements?



This spiritual formation inventory is designed by Alex Tang. All rights reserved.






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 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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