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Looking at People with X-ray Eyes

Dr Alex Tang


“Ah, this is the life,” said Ah Kow with a satisfied sigh as he lay back on the soft grass in the courtyard of the Sow Lin Monastery. Ah Lek burped in reply. This is the time of the day these young disciples loved the best; after a hearty meal and all the chores for the day has been done. They will laze around and watch the sun set until the call for evening prayers.

“Do you know the Abba who preached at chapel this morning come in his new BMW X6? Man that was a beautiful car. I wish I could I can have a car like that,” said Ah Kow wishfully.

“Yes, you can. Didn’t you hear him tell us that we are the sons of God? As his sons, God has promises to make us rich, handsome and famous. To claim these promises, we are to visualize because God has already given us all these,” Ah Lek said with his eyes closed. “I am visualizing a red BMX X6 with a beautiful girl in it.”

“I have never seen the chapel so packed with people,” Ah Kow said, ignoring Ah Lek. “It must be good to be so famous and so highly regarded by so many people. He must be very learned because he found so many good promises of riches for us in the Bible.”

Ah Lek opened one eye. Seeing no red car, he closed it again, still visualizing.

“He is so handsome in his new robe. Not like the beggar who came to town last week. He is so ugly and dirty. He got a hump on his back like camel. And he smells! There are yucky blisters and sores on his arms and legs. Yet he said such good things about God. I went with Abba Ah Beng to market today and there was a small crowd listening to him. He was talking about loving our enemies. Some people laughed at him. The children threw rubbish at him. Some of the men also threw small stones. He just stood there and did nothing. If I were he, I would have shouted at the people and throw the rubbish back,” continued Ah Kow, picking his teeth with a stalk of grass.

Ah Lek opened his other eye. Still no red car. He closed his eyes and concentrated so hard that his eyebrows met in the middle of his forehead.

“I also heard that this beggar cured the blind man who lived in Jalan Ah Fook. You know, that blind man who has a beautiful daughter. Of course, nobody believed that. I heard that some people said he get his power from the devil. That is not all. He also said he is the son of God.”

“What!” Ah Lek said, opening his eyes. “The Son of God! That filthy beggar? How can that be? Cannot be. The Son of God is handsome man with blond flowy hair and a trim beard. Most probably drives a BMW Z5.”

“Eh? Who said Jesus looks like that?” Ah Kow asked.

“All the pictures in Abba Ah Beng’s library are like that.”

“Cannot be. Jesus is a Jew and Jews have black hair.”

“Can be. Maybe he dyed it.”



“I beat you then you know”

“What are you boys shouting about?” rumbled Abba Ah Beng’s baritone voice. “I am trying to sleep here.” Surprise, the young disciples turned around and saw Abba Ah Beng bulky shape under a tree.

“What Jesus looks like” mumbled Ah Lek.

“Ah, the prophet Isaiah described him as being ugly to look at, sickly with skin conditions, despised by other people and the evangelist St. John described him as poor,” explained Abba Ah Beng.

The disciples were shocked speechless for a full 30 seconds. “What? I always think Jesus is handsome, rich, famous and have a large following. How can the Son of God be sickly and poor? Abba, that don’t make sense.”

“What is important in a man is not what we see but what is inside,” Abba Ah Beng explained using his teaching voice. “God does not judge a book by its cover but by the contents of the book. Similarly God judges a person not by his outward appearance but rather the integrity of his character.”

“So be careful how you judge people. And do not look down on those whom you feel are  inferior to you. Remember this, Ah Kow, or you would have missed a chance to meet the Son of God this morning. Come, it is time for evening service. Let us walk there.”

Looking around and not seeing a red car, Ah Lek sadly joined the group of disciples walking to the chapter.


The question lingered in the air. “Will you have recognized Jesus Christ if you meet him? Will you really?”



Posted 28 August 2008


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