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Closer to Eternity

Dr Alex Tang




As another year draws to a close and we edge closer to Eternity, let us ask ourselves some important questions:

  • Am I a better person than who I was last year?

  • Am I a gentler person?

  • Am I a kinder person?

  • Am I a better son/daughter, father/mother, husband/wife?

  • Am I more faithful to what I profess?

  • Am I more attentive to the little things?

  • Am I comfortable with who I am?

  • Am I more forgiving to others who have harmed me?

  • Am I helpful to others to achieve their goals?

  • Am I more charitable to the poor, the weak and the sick?

  • Am I more willing to advocate for the exploited and oppressed?

  • Am I living in fear or in hope?

  • Am I more open about who I am?

  • Am I more honest about who I am?

  • Am I spending more time in prayer?

  • Am I developing a deeper relationship with God?

  • Am I understanding more of the revelation in the Bible?

  • Am I experiencing more joy?

  • Am I less angry or given to fits of anger?

  • Am I at peace with myself?

  • Am I a good friend?

  • Am I a good mentor?

  • Am I becoming like I AM?


19 Dec 2014


"treat, heal, and comfort always"

 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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