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Watching 300 Years of Church History


This multi-awards DVD is a good introduction to early church history and is suitable for home, small group studies, and large group viewing. Produced by Gateway Films in association with the Christian History Institute and EO Television.

The video is divided into 6 segments. Each segment is about a half hour viewing. Together they show the history of the early church from Christ to Constantine. The segments are:

(1) Foundation

(2) Spread

(3) Accusation

(4) Persecution

(5) Testimony

(6) Transition


As in most documentaries, it is shot on location in the historic sites where the events took place. Thus we have the opportunities to see the ruins in Rome, Ephesus, Patmos, and certain parts of Asia Minor. Unlike most documentaries, the hosts in this series, Steve Bell, Nigel Goodwin, Russell Boulter, and Jane Campion (except for Steve) are actors. They make the documentary interesting by acting out the part of historic figures in the early church, often reading from their writings (paraphrased). A good DVD to get for your church.  


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