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Mount of Temptation

view from Tel es-Sultan

The Monastery of the Temptation is an Orthodox Christian monastery along a cliff overlooking the city of  ancient Jericho. It is built upon the summit of the Mount of Temptation. It currently serves as a tourist attraction.

The earliest monastery was constructed by the Byzantines in the 6th century CE above the cave traditionally said to be that where Jesus spent forty days and forty nights fasting and meditating during the temptation of Satan, about three kilometers northwest of Jericho. The monastery receives its name from the mountain which the early Christian referred to as the "Mount of the Temptation". The Monastery of the Temptation was identified by Queen Helena as one of the "holy sites" in her pilgrimage in 326 CE. (Source: Wiki)

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photo source:Dmitrij Rodionov   Wiki



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