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The Young Doctors

Medical students from Monash University I am privileged to know.

Monash Malaysia First Cohort - Graduated 2009

Paediatrics is not the list of signs and symptoms that is listed in the textbooks or in an online database. It is a young child that suffers from what was described on that list. This child is dependent on adults; such as parents, grand-parents or others who love them, see to their needs and provide comfort for them. These adults in turn, reside in the context of relatives, communities, cultural and religious beliefs. A bigger circle will be the country they reside in, the standard of medical care and the availability of such care. Each of these factors affect the little chap who manifest these signs and symptoms that you have memorised. This little child has a name which is not a hospital bed number nor is it the name of a disease. He or she looks to you, with your evident-based medical knowledge, experienced clinical practices, and refined clinical acumen for help. They want to have relief from their sufferings so that they can get on with their business of growing up. Paediatics is not about treating diseases. Paediatrics is about relationships.


Congratulations to the pioneer batch of Christian doctors (some are not in the photo) from the Monash University Malaysia. They graduated this week and will start to serve in the medical profession soon. Some will start their house officer jobs in Australia while others will remain in Malaysia. God's blessings to them all.

Lord God, giver of all good things,
may we who share at this table,
like pilgrims here on earth,
be welcomed with Your saints to the heavenly feast.
Amen (A Hebridean Grace) 

| posted 18 November 2009 |


Monash Monash Second Cohort Graduated 2010

This is the second cohort of medical students to graduate from Monash University Malaysia. All will be taking up house officer jobs in Malaysia or in Australia soon. They are not longer my students but are now my colleagues and friends. I am so proud of them. Go forth, young doctors.


| posted 24 November 2010 |




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