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Live Free or Die Hard

Dr Alex Tang


 Die Hard 4.0 (2007)

picture source: IMDb

Gore, Mayhem and Destruction


Die Hard 4.0 is the most fun of the four Die Hard movies. Bruce Willis acting as John Mclane of NYPD is more relaxed and more into his role as a “someone has to do it” hero. His failed marriage and estranged daughter are some attempt at character development from the last three movies. However the appeal of the Die Hard movies is not the violence or the shooting but of a man, who is a well trained police officer, are able to endure incredible amount of punishment and injuries, has unbelievable luck, and plain too stubborn to give up.

The visual effects are great and John managed to demolish buildings, cars, SUVs, a semi trailer truck, road flyovers, and even a fighter aircraft! This is in addition to shooting lots and lots of bullets.

The plot was a master criminal who was out to create maximum chaos by crippling the US computer systems by what hackers call a fire-sale. Destroy or disrupt the computer systems of traffic, utilities, financial, and military and you would have created a fire-sale. Total chaos and you can take what you want.


I know it is difficult to justify but I find watching the mayhem of Die Hard movies very therapeutic for me. After a hard day at the hospital, dealing with stressed out parents and sick children, and ministry related work at church, I find watching total destruction very relaxing. I guess some people de-stress by exercising, gardening, or listening to music. Me, give me gore, mayhem, and total destruction.

Does that sound strange coming from a doctor and follower of Christ?


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|posted 13 July 2007|


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