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The Calling

Dr Alex Tang


A man stands alone, in front of a crowd,
t’is an ordination, a man given commission.
Business as usual, ebbs and fro like a cloud,
momentous moment, appreciation omission.

The man reserved, introvert, stand aghast,
feed my people is the Lord’s demand.
To them you must be prophet, priest, and sage,
declare, disrupt, discern on My command.

He answers questions in his ordination,
confessional beliefs and commitment.
Not asked about his spiritual condition,
nor his needs wants and contentment.

He stands there and is anointed to lead,
a people staying in Egypt, postcode Babylon.
Come one, come all, it’s to time to leave,
but why go, here plentiful drinks and corn.

He hears his calling, his fire burning within,
the Holy Spirit transforming and informs.
Yearning to serve, his passions overflowing,
holy fire, holy passions, saintly being forms.

The man stands amazed, in his soul,
still reserved, introverted, and alone.
Down from heaven the grace flows,
power, glory, holy, all his sins atone.

A man stand alone and floats,
people are fed and the deed is done.
With two fish and five loaves,
Lord dancing with him, call him son.


on my ordination as an elder of the church


"treat, heal, and comfort always"

 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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