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Conversation with my Grandson





If you have only three wishes for your grandson, what will you wish for?


Three Little Wishes


Hello little one,



Do you remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? I guess the Disney movie Aladdin will do. Remember the Genie and the three wishes? Grampa wants to share his three wishes for you, little one.


My first wish is for you to grow up strong. Grow strong in body, spirit, mind, and in your soul. That you will be healthy and grow to your full genetic potential as God has created you to be. And may you develop your intelligent quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) to your fullest extent. May you have all the opportunities to grow and be strong. God has given you a good family. May He also give you good friends.


My second wish is for you to be generous. Grow and develop a generous spirit that is caring and helpful to all people. Become a generous soul that drives back the darkness that is on the land. Develop a generous mind that is open to exploring, learning, and experiencing. An openness to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful creation.


My third wish is for you to know God. Not just know the facts about Him but know and love Him as you know and love your Grampa. Life is not easy. In difficult times, remember the people who love you. Behind all these people who love you is God who loves us all especially you, little one. So learn to love Him and be embraced by HIS LOVE.


These are my three wishes, little one. Always remember, Grampa loves you.


Please grant my three wishes for this little one.



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