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Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corp Wars


The Green Lanterns are the galactic corps of the universe. The Green Lantern comic series has come a long way since there was only one Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Now there are thousands, each have a green ring which by their will power will will create anything they want. They are invincible except against anything yellow (duh!).


Sinsestro Corps Wars was conceived by writer Geoff Johns and drawn by artist Ethan van Sciver with the first issue published on August 2007. The storyline concludes in February 2008. I only finished reading it yesterday so you know how heavy my backlog of comic reading is.
Sinestro was once the greatest of the Green Lanterns until he turned rogue and was replaced by Hal Jordan. While imprisoned, Sinestro discovered the power of yellow light and made himself a yellow ring. I wonder why he did not call himself Yellow Lantern. Hmm. Somehow it did not sound right. Anyway, he formed the Sinestro Corp which is the counter part of the Green Lantern corp and set out to do what all villains want to do, conquer the universe.


The series is a series of mayhem, blood and gore as the Green Lantern corps fought against the Sinestro corps. The Green Lanterns were being slaughtered until the Guardians rewrote their ring's code allowing them to use lethal force. Then the good guys wins.
Interesting story but what was more interesting was the revelation that there are altogether seven color corps:
green (willpower)
yellow (fear)
violet (love)
red (rage)
indigo (compassion)
orange (avarice)
blue (hope)
A prophecy was then unveiled that there will come a day in the future when all seven corps will fight to the destruction of the universe bringing on the "darkest night"


'nuff said


|posted 4 May 2008|


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