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In his sermon to Holy Light Church on “Vision and Purpose in Christian Service”,

Reverend Nicholas Yeo says,

In prayer exercise, am still a learner;

prayer is battering not chattering;

prayer is battle not prattle;

prayer is working not wording;

prayer is warring not boring;

prayer is fight not flight;

prayer is rooted in promises of God & in covenant of the blood;

we have reasons given to us by God in his Word why he should answer, & we can read them there. That's why Nehemiah's prayer was answered – based on God's purposes & God's promises; our prayers ought to be like that, so that God's purposes may be realized; but more often we hear prayers just asking God to bless the work, to bless the sick ones, to keep us plugging along, to keep the work going.











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|posted 3 July 2007|


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