Sunday 18 June 2006





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Sunday 18 June 2006

Lord Jesus, as I sit in the church service today, I look for your presence. As I stand and sat through songs that were sung out of tune or were inappropriate choices, I listened for your music. I want to dance, to follow your lead as you are Lord of the dance. My foot moved but no rhythm appeared. Lord, I sat attentive during the sermon to listen to your words. However, what I hear are words of men, doing a marketing sales pitch. They sound so enthusiastic and convincing. Why, O Lord, is my heart not stirred?

Is it because my heart has been hardened by layers of unconfessed sins? Is it because I love you less? Is it because I cannot hear your voice? Is that why I cannot hear your Clarion call to serve in a new land? Search me, O Lord, and know my heart. Seek if there is any evil ways in me and led me to the way everlasting.



"treat, heal, and comfort always"

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