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Ode to my dog

Alex Tang


He’s gone. He had fought the good fight.


Bundle of joy running under the sky,
watching earthly wonders glowing eyes,
under the earth his treasures lie,
once small but thou grew large in size.

Faithful and gentle to a fault,
loyal and forgiving to all offenses,
proud to thy heritage well worth the salt,
love and forgiveness heartily dispenses.

Content to sit and together be present,
content only with the attention given,
hopeful and waiting in my absent,
seeking the joys of stroking deepen.

Years pass, my friend, seasons too,
more gray, less tan and vision fade,
time pass yet thy heart remain true,
loyalty and love matured like jade.

Ailments of age crushed thee this july,
bent and stricken in body never to rise,
in love I slay thee, suffering deny,
run free now through the clouds in the sky.


|posted 18 July 2011|



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 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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