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Discovering God in Ancient China


There have been a number of books on God's fingerprints in ancient China which came out in recent years. The new book by Thong Chan Kei with Charlene Fu is published this year, 2007.
It is an interesting book but most of what Thong writes about have been published by others before.


Some examples are:


* The Chinese language i.e. certain Chinese words show correlation with certain events that happened in the book of Genesis.


*The old name for China was Shen Zhou which can be translated as God's country.


*The ritual sacrifice and prayers at the Temple of Heaven have similarity with the blood covenant in the Old Testament.


*The Chinese emperors were called "sons of heaven"and were regarded as mediators between Shang Ti and the Chinese Han people.


A meticulous written book but needed more research to support the many assumptions.


|posted 27 April 2007|


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