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The Destroyer never Dies


I wonder how many of you remember the series of kungfu/secret agent/assassin action novels of Remo William Remo Williams, the Destroyer? From the 1970s, Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir has been writing about the adventures of this man who does not exist.

There are about 150 books about Remo, the Destroyer. Remo is the United States top assassin, a black opts unit outside the jurisdiction of the government and directly under the command of the President. Remo was assigned operations that other agencies cannot handle.

Remo was trained in the ancient art of Sinanju by his Korean master and partner Chiun. He has been saving the world from destruction for three decades. Using the martial skills of Sinanju, he is Bruce Lee, James Bond, and Mission Impossible rolled into one and I have enjoyed his adventures. These novels are easy reading.

I discovered this omnibus, The Best of the Destroyer in the TIMES bookstore in One Utama, KL on Monday. Published in 2007, it contains 3 novels voted by the fans as the best of the destroyer books.

They are

(1) The Destroyer: Chinese Puzzle (1972)

(2) The Destroyer: Slave Safari (1973)

(3) The Destroyer: Assassins Play-off (1975)  


|posted 30 July 2007|


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