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An Ambitious and Control Freak

 Dr Alex Tang

























Ambitious and controlling is a dangerous combination;

a lethal mixture that lead to character blowout;

one to rise to the top, one to bind others in their station;

widespread damage with emotional fatal fallout;


Ambition is competitive, cutting down threats by the sword;

sacrificing family, love for the altar of success;

stepping on the fallen to rise high, binding others by the cord;

support nourished by worshippers of the cess.


Controlling reduces people to objects, use and discard;

puppets that dance to the puppeteer’s consciousness;

managing in small details, manipulating with no regard;

wearing the triumphant badge of self-righteousness.


Blessed are the poor in spirit, the meek;

 blessed are the pure, the peacemakers;

blessed are the merciful, those who seek;

blessed are the persecuted, the soul builders.  



posted 5 April 2007


"treat, heal, and comfort always"

 "spiritual forming disciples of Jesus Christ with informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in actions"  


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