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A Woman of Samaria

 Dr Alex Tang



It was a hot dusty afternoon,

a woman stole quietly to draw water from the well in a small city in Samaria,

safe from the gossips and disdainful looks of other women in the city of Sychar.

A woman of Samaria who was just trying to survive, to have a roof over her head,

being driven from home after home erodes one’s pride slowly but surely.


It was a hot dusky afternoon,

an afternoon like any other afternoon, a man asked a woman of Samaria for a drink,

a Jew, whom she thought  was teasing her, a lone woman at the well.

She looked at him and he offered her living water, water that form a spring in those who drank and will never be thirsty again.

The woman considered the hours of backbreaking labour carrying water and this man who offered water so easily: another nutcase.

Humouring him, she compared him to Jacob and asked for his living water.


It was a hot dusky afternoon,

the Jew looked at her and tell of her own secret social dilemma. A soft breeze stirred the hot dust.

This man is either a nutcase or a prophet, the woman thought and changed the topic,

where do we worship God, Jerusalem or Mt. Gerizim, she asked the Jew.

One day, he said, we shall worship anywhere as long as we worship in spirit and in truth.

The woman blinked and again changed the topic,

we are waiting for a Messiah who will tell us of these things.


It was a hot dusky afternoon,

the Jew said to the woman of Samaria, “I am” the Messiah you are waiting for. A gentle breeze cooled the hot dust.

His followers came back and she ran away in fear. No harsh words were said.

She blinked as she ran, could it be true that he is the Messiah, this stranger who knew of my secret life. She ran to the people in the city to tell them of this strange Jewish man.


It was a hot dusky afternoon,

the world was never the same again.



[a meditation on John 4:1-42]


14 May 2006

Father Thomas Green Retreat

Good Shepherd Catholic Seminar




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