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Hello little one,

How you have grown! It was not too long ago when Grampa said hello to you when they wheeled you out of the Labour Room especially to meet us. You were just born and has been complaining bitterly about the bright lights and loud noise. I am not sure you are aware of Grampa but Grampa bend close to your face, kissed you on the forehead and whispered a prayer in your little left ear. Remember that prayer? That prayer is between you, Grampa and God (our secret little prayer). And you were so small in your baby cot.


You are bigger now and getting bigger each time Grampa meet you again. Grampa was telling Grandma that we used to track your progress as you run by the dining table; initially by your voice, then the tip of your ‘coconut tree’ on your head, and now we can see your face above the tabletop! You are also moving faster and sounding louder. Not only are you taller but you find that your body is bigger and you can do many things you were not able to do a few months ago. This is good because growing is the most important thing you need to do now. Growing is something that occurs because you are eating your food and drinking your milk, getting enough sleep, and exercise. Though most of your energy goes towards running and playing (Grampa is amazed at your energy level. He has checked to see if you have an extra battery. Nope. You do not), some of that energy is converted to growing.


Little one, growing is not just in size and height but also in growing in mental, emotional, and spiritual abilities. Growing depends on your gene (no, not your pants, that’s jean) and nurture. Nurture is how you are taken care of – your food, drinks, rest and exercise. If conditions are right, ‘all by itself’, growth occurs. Jesus, a very special big person, once told story about a big person who plants seeds. If the condition of the soil is correct, Jesus said ‘all by itself’ a seed grows into a seedling and then a plant. Though most big people refers to growing as nature (genes) and nurture, there is a third reason for growing. The third reason is that God is the One who cause the growing. That is what Jesus meant when he said ‘all by itself’. God has to be present to growing to be correct. Do you know that Jesus was a baby once? Yes, baby Jesus. Luke, a big person who wrote down Jesus’ story said that Jesus “grew and become strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him” (Luke 2:40). Little one, we need the grace of God to grow in size and ability, and be healthy, and wise.


Everyone is growing. People start growing even before they are born. They start growing when they are in their mummies’ tummy. They continue to grow after they are born like you. Even Grampa is growing (though it is sideway!). Everyone need God’s grace to grow healthy, become wise and strong. Health is not just free of diseases which is what most big people think of health. Health is to be in balance with ourselves, the world, other people, our hopes and dreams, and with God. To be strong is not only strong in body but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong. Growing is becoming someone whom God has created you to be. Yes, little one. God together with your Mummy and Daddy created you! That is why you are so special! And why you are so loved. That is also why you learn to start your prayers with ‘Father God’. And that is why we have our secret little prayer. Hee hee.


Dear God,

Let this little one grow and become strong; let her be filled with wisdom and may your grace to be continually be upon her.




07 September 2014


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