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Hello little one,


Take your time to adjust to this noisy world. It may be difficult to be pushed out from the quiet, safe, serenity of your Mummy’s womb to this loud and disorienting world but you will adjust. Everyone does. Little one, you will notice that are many big people and not so big people around. You are familiar with the smell, taste and sight of your Mummy. Your Daddy is the enormous big person that likes to carry you. This not so big but very active, noisy person is your Jie Jie. Then there are other big people called grandparents, uncles and auntie. And then there is me, your Grampa. We are your family – your ohana.

Our ohana is our family. In our family we care and love one another. This ohana has being waiting patiently for you to come out of your Mummy to join us. Your Jie Jie was very impatient for you to come out to play with her. She was surprised that you are so small when you arrive. Nevertheless, she wants to kiss, hold and cuddle you. She is eagerly waiting for you to become bigger fast. Your arrival added to the joy in our ohana. Like your Jie Jie before you, both of you have filled us with so much joy that we are overflowing. As with your Jie Jie, Grampa has whispered a secret word into your ears. Always remember that and all will be well for you. Remember that your Mummy, Daddy, Jie Jie, Ah Yee and your grand parents will always love you. You are well loved.



Dear Gracious Lord,

We commit this little one to you. Take good care of him and bless him in everything. Most he grows up and finds favor with you and with other people.




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