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The foundational basis of our Christian faith is ‘Christ our life’. This Beginning Christian Life Studies has been carefully planned to help you

§         Prepare for Baptism

§         Establish a programme of personal Bible study

§         Understand the great Truths of the Bible

§         Learn and practice the essentials of spiritual formation


The  basic text for this study is “Christ Our Life”: A Communicant’s Manual published by Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia and the Presbyterian Church of Singapore (September 1977). To benefit from the study, it is important to read the respective chapter or chapters of “Christ Our Life” for each specific study. You will also need a Bible. Each question will direct you to a specific section of “Christ Our Life” or to a Bible verse. After thinking about the question, write your answer in the space provided. Remember to pray before you begin your study. Ask the Lord for understanding.



                                                                                                                                    Dr. Alex Tang

                                                                                                                                    Spiritual Formation Institute

                                    Holy Light Church (English)

                                    Johor Bahru


December 2003                                                                                                                                Soli Deo Gloria


[Written by Dr. Alex Tang. May be reproduced for use in your church as long as proper citation is given. Copies of Christ Our Life: A Communicant's Handbook may be obtained from Holy Light Church (English), Johor Bahru, Malaysia ]


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